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The name Animusma is derived from Carl Jung’s theories of personality as he postulated that man’s psyche was made up of both the Animus and Anima. In Latin, the masculine Animus refers to the mind, the rational soul, intellect, and consciousness while the feminine Anima is the part of man’s psyche that is directed inward and is in touch with the subconscious. The movement inward and outward of the forms of Animusma have a very humanistic quality to them and represent the synthesis of both the masculine and feminine or the Animus and Anima.



14,400 USD as pictured, plus shipping and installation.



White concrete



Lightweight concrete mix with nylon reinforcing fiber. Cast in 10” molds.



Large: 30” (L) 25” (W) 90” (H) 9 sections

Medium: 30” (L) 25” (W) 60” (H) 6 sections

Small: 30” (L) 25” (W) 30” (H) 3 sections

For indoor or outdoor use. Care instructions will be provided.


Lead Time:

Estimated 1 month



14,400 USD as pictured or 800 USD per 10” section plus shipping and installation. A contract is required for this item.


Options / Customizations:

Limited color pigments can be added to the concrete. Animusma can reach a height of 10 feet (12 sections) without a repeating view. Total flexibility in desired height based on 10” increments.


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