The Node Collection

The only modular and a-la-carte ceramic wall mounted planter system that infuses a sculptural element to the green wall concept.  Designed for inside or outside use year round.  Available in five sizes and five standard colors.  Designed by David Rozek and manufactured in Bridgeport, PA USA by Pandemic Design Studio.  Patented in The US and Foreign Countries.
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Ceramic Wall Planters

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Minimalist and sculptural, ceramic wall planters that are inspired by nature and derived from the junction on a tree where the branch extends out from the trunk, known as – The Node.

Bring your wall to life with The Node Collection, a space efficient, sculptural, indoor / outdoor ceramic wall planter system.  Each size in The Node Collection is hung individually and can be displayed alone or together in groups to create a stunning manageable living wall masterpiece.  Because of the modular design, various color options, and five different sizes, end users and designers alike can mix and match wall planters to create a totally personal and custom arrangement of their own in any quantity, to fit any space, and on any budget. The seemingly infinite arrangement combinations of the various sizes and colors keep this collection extremely fresh, vibrant, and full of new and exciting possibilities.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about having a custom Node Configuration designed for your home, office, or restaurant.



High fired ceramic stoneware (will not crack when frozen), food safe glaze.

Due to the unpredictable and variable nature of ceramics and the firing process, please account for a tolerance of +/- 1/16 on the smaller Nodes and +/- 1/8″ on the larger Nodes.

Each Node is hand crafted, may vary slightly, and no two are exactly the same. We employ a very standardized production process and strive for perfection.

Sizes in inches (L x W x Front Protrusion x Opening):

3 x 3 x 1.25 x 1

6 x 6 x 2.25 x 2

9 x 9 x 3.25 x 3

12 x 12 x 4.5 x 4

15 x 15 x 5.5 x 5


Gunmetal (Semi – Gloss)

Dark Gray (Gloss)

Medium Gray (Gloss)

Light Gray (Gloss)

White (Gloss)

Custom color runs are possible for an additional fee and quantity requirement.  Please email us with any questions.

Wall Mounting:

Mounting a Node is as easy as hanging a picture as Nodes require just one screw or nail to hang on.  The use of Velcro is another great option for hanging on clean tile, metal, wood, drywall, or stone.  The adhesive on Velcro is not water soluble meaning if it gets wet, your Node will stay put.  Velcro is an excellent option in bathrooms and showers.  There are multiple watering options as four holes on the back allow for maximum end user flexibility.  There is a hanging hole, a drain hole with an optional rubber plug, and two holes along the top that are compatible with drip irrigation systems for larger installations.  Nodes are designed to be used indoors and outdoors as they will not crack when frozen.

If hanging 12″ or 15″ Nodes on drywall we recommend that the screw is located on a stud. If that is not possible,sufficient drywall anchors are recommended to support the weight of the 12″ and 15″ Nodes.

9 reviews for Ceramic Wall Planters

  1. Sonia Jaslow

    I bought one years ago at the Philadelphia flower show and I love it! I have a tiny begonia and a wire vine and they are so happy. This is the most beautiful piece of functional artwork. Worth the money

  2. Kate Hochner

    The Node Collection is a precisely designed system that beautifully combines sculpture and nature. The many pieces, large and small, can be arranged in numerous ways to enhance a wall or entry, for a unique display.

  3. Pat

    Love the creative design and easiness of natural wall art!! Have a grouping of nodes in my kitchen and always receive compliments from guests!

  4. Jill Fulton

    Pandemic Designs Node Collection is awesome! I have two small ones in my kitchen and they add just the right touch. The collection is so versatile in terms of color, size, and configuration. I can’t wait until I’m able to renovate my barn, where I plan to have a large node installation as a statement piece for the entrance way! Love everything about this beautiful collection and David’s brilliant, artistic works.

  5. Abby

    Absolutely GORGEOUS pieces. We purchased 16 in different sizes and colors, and created the most spectacular orchid art wall for a client. They are easy to hang, such a beautiful shape, great colors and look amazing once plants are added.

  6. Iris Gardener (verified owner)

    Well I had one for years and finally decided I needed more. I now have 2 6” and 2 3” in the bathroom and they bring me so much joy to have plants on the walls. Elevates the style of the bathroom in a way no other wall planter does. And David is a dream to work with even for a purchase of just a few pieces he was very helpful and responsive on email/IG.

  7. Renata Russell

    I love David’s Node collection. I have installed them in contemporary and antique homes and they add charm in both settings.

  8. Tessa

    I love our white Node wall in our living room. We enjoy living among plants and this is such a chic, gorgeous, and unique way to display them. The wall is such a statement piece that it’s the first thing people notice when they walk into our home.
    Beautifully designed.

  9. Michael Blackstock

    David’s work is very high quality!
    Service is excellent.

    My ceramic wall garden will be a centre piece of my new cabin!

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