Ceramic Wall Planters

Mimicking the curves of the junction on a tree where a branch extends out from the trunk, the Node Collection by Pandemic Design Studio creates ceramic vessels for nature to thrive in on the walls of your home. Each modular wall-mounted planter infuses a sculptural element to the green wall concept that is both architectural and organic in form. Available in various colors and five sizes, Node wall planters may be arranged in any way or combination and will be sure enhance any interior or exterior space with a unique, eye-catching, living display of sculpture and nature.

The Node Collection is the only modular wall-mounted planter system that contains a modern design element all its own. With its clean lines and swooping shape, each ceramic wall planter complements the beauty of the natural elements for an unrivaled wallscape experience. Planters are easy to hang and arrange according to your decorative vision, limited only by your imagination.

Each Node is hand-crafted from high-fired ceramic stoneware and comes in 5 sizes from three to fifteen inches square. Their modular design allows for a seemingly endless number of configurations. Choose from five standard colors in a neutral palette, including Light, Medium and Dark Gray Gloss, White Gloss, or Semi-Gloss Gunmetal. Customized colors are available by request, subject to certain conditions.

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A Ceramic Wallscape for Your Home

The low-profile design and the ease of installation of the Node Collection provide a safe haven for your favorite plants and flowers to thrive while freeing up valuable space on horizontal surfaces as Node wall planters occupy cubic feet not square feet. Elevate any room of your home with a dramatic, wall-filling living sculpture. Make a big statement with a minimalist configuration of fewer and smaller ceramic wall planters. The Node Collection provides intrigue and a big design feature to any home wherever you place your pieces and however you arrange them. And because you can fill them with any plant you choose, real, faux, moss, airplants, or a combination, your wall can be a revolving showcase of seasonal foliage, color inspirations, and evolving tastes.

A Wall-Mounted Planter System for Your Business

Impressive office décor makes any business more impressive. The Node Collection captures the imagination and the eye with or without foliage. Command client respect with breathtaking living ceramic wallscapes arranged in lobbies or conference rooms. Individual planters are equally beautiful set deliberately throughout hallways and act as a warm welcome in entryways for staff and visitors alike. Plants have a calming effect that works especially well in the office environment.

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A Living Green Wall for Events

The Node Collection indoor or outdoor ceramic wall planters offer unmatched modular design capability that is perfect for hosting corporate events, weddings, large and small parties alike. For event organizers, a personal collection of Nodes is a worthwhile investment. Build a grand entrance by lining the venue's entryway with a vertical display of foliage in the event's theme colors. Turn the space into a forest befitting a fairytale by lining planters with lush hanging vines or enhance a bohemian affair with a variety of wildflowers or succulents placed in artful configurations around the space.

Ceramic Wall Planters: Easy to Mount, Easy to Maintain

Nodes are simple to install and easy to move as you acquire more wall planters or rearrange your room. Nodes require just a single screw to mount on the wall, or hang them on tile, metal, or stone with Velcro that will stay in place even if it gets wet. In addition to a hanging hole, all Nodes include a drain hole and a rubber plug for watering flexibility and a no dip design with the plug in.

The Node Collection is made to be enjoyed both outdoors and in. High-fired ceramic stoneware does not crack in freezing temperatures, so you can leave your Collection outside all year long in temperate climates. Add a sculptural green element as a contrast to the wild, natural foliage growing on your property. Enjoy the living art on your patio, deck, or balcony.

Innovative Design, Peerless Functionality

Pandemic Design Studio is proud to be the only maker of modular, a-la-carte ceramic wall planters that infuse a sculptural element into the greenwall concept. Patented in The US and Foreign Countries.  Easily add more life to your surroundings with the Node Collection. Contact Pandemic Design Studio today.