Ceramic Vases

Like a city skyline that captures the imagination with bright lights, dizzying heights, and inspiring architecture, the Stacks Collection by Pandemic Design Studio is a modular representation of the urban landscape. These elegant and iconic sculptural ceramic vases capture the essence of the city’s complexity with a dynamic range of sizes, colors, and versatility that creates intrigue and curiosity in any space.

Display nature’s wild flora in the clean swooping structures of the Stacks Collection. Available in five sizes from 3 to 15 inches tall, each vase contains an invisible design feature that allows it to hold foliage up to three times the height of each Stack. The natural and constructed environments converge, demonstrating their interconnectedness. Available in four neutral colors, the vases and stems never compete for attention, each piece complementing the other. The modular design allows for experimentation and new configurations with each new display, location, and natural foliage selected.  A Stacks Collection ceramic vase set can be used indoors or outdoors, on tabletops or hard floors.

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Ceramic Vases for Your Home

Bring museum-quality design into your home with ceramic vase sets from The Stacks Collection. Despite their graceful, long necks, their wide bases make these vases extremely resistant to tipping over, meaning you can confidently fill them with foliage over three times their height or place them on high-traffic floor areas to add a major green statement with a minor footprint. Add color and shape to an entryway, create a green moment of drama in your living room, or entertain over a minimalist tablescape with maximum impact. 

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Ceramic Vases for Your Business

Your business is unique - fill it with décor that will make it stand out as it should. The Stacks Collection was designed and is handcrafted at Pandemic Design Studio. Made from high-fired ceramic stoneware, the vases are impervious to heat or cold so that you can use them both indoors and out. Wow clients with commanding arrangements in conference rooms, dining areas, lobbies, and other communal spaces, or mix and match vases of various sizes and colors throughout the office to create a cohesive, luxurious environment for your staff and visitors. 


Ceramic Vases for Your Event

From one-night-only galas to multi-day conferences, every event calls for intriguing and stimulating décor. The unrivaled possibilities of the Stacks Collection vases make them ideal for any occasion. Build a minimalist dinner backdrop by placing singular vases on wide, clean tables. Gather an abundance of plant life perfect for a party by filling multiple vases in different sizes and arranging them along a wall or showcasing vibrantly hued stems of dramatic heights packed together vase to vase. For event organizers, having multiple Stack options available is an investment worth making. Make your signature an unexpected exploration of space represented by modern vases and wildflowers.

Ceramic Vases for Your Wedding

Choose ultimate luxury for your wedding décor with vases from the Stacks Collection. Boasting a range of minimalist colors, including gloss Dark Gray, Medium Gray, White, and Light Gray(semi-gloss Gunmetal), the collection makes an excellent adornment to formal wedding venues. Pair bold greenery and breathtaking flowers for a dreamlike aisle, or construct stunning, architectural centerpieces by combining vases of different heights. 

Pure Innovation with Pandemic Design Studio

Pandemic Design Studio creates iconic modern, timeless, functional, and original statement pieces that shine in any setting. The modular, a-la-carte ceramic flower vase system that is the Stacks Collection is a prime example of innovative design that offers a new experience with every vibrant display.