Industrial Wall Mounted Lights – Glow Worm

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Though relatively simple in shape compared to its relatives, The Glow Worm exhibits two new documented evolutionary breakthroughs: orientation and variable length .  The Glowworm is the first discovered in The Industrial Evolution Collection to have evolved in such a way that it is capable of deciding which direction to display its light module.  Researchers are still unable to pinpoint exactly why it choses the orientation it does in different environments.



Galvanized steel pipe fittings (various sizes)

Vintage Edison Style T-9 (12″) Beacon tube bulb


Three wiring options:

  1. Each sconce comes standard with an internal touch sensitive light control unless otherwise specified. Simply touch any metal part of the lamp to illuminate and to circulate through low, medium, high, and off settings.  Sconce comes with a 6 foot black cord and wall plug.
  2. Each sconce can be hard wired into the wall which will act the same as plugging it into the wall except that there will not be a visible cord. Please consult an electrician.  The sconce will still circulate through low, medium, high, and off settings when touched.
  3. Sconces can be hard wired into the wall and can be controlled by a dimmer switch on the wall. Please consult an electrician.  This option will remove the touch activated properties of the sconce and wall dimmers are not supplied.

Sconces will fit on any commercially available round plastic or metal electrical box in The US.

Dimensions: H: 17” x W: 4.5“ x D: 5”

Weight: ~ 7 lbs. or ~ 112 oz.



Lead Time:
Estimated 2 weeks.

Additional information

Nipple Finish

Raw Steel (Darker), Zinc Plated (Lighter)


Polished, Factory


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