Industrial Art Lamps – Squids

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According to our experts, The Squid is the first documented specimen in the Industrial Evolution Collection to exhibit stages of physical maturity.  This is the first time a capture in The Industrial Evolution Collection has been made of a family exhibiting father, mother, and child.  In addition to being the only family group captured to date, they were our first experience with a mobile life form as these little guys move surprisingly fast both horizontally and vertically.



Galvanized steel pipe fittings (various sizes)

Vintage near mirror finish Crouse Hinds EV style housing

Vintage Edison Style G30 bulb


Touch sensitive light control for four settings – low, medium, high, and off. Simply touch any metal part of the lamp and it will illuminate. Elevated base flange on four ¼ inch feet to allow cord access. 6 foot black cord included on each model.

Small 12 in (L) 12 in (W) 22 in (H)

Medium 13 in (L) 13 in (W) 25 in (H)

Large 14.5 in (L) 14.5 in (W) 30 in (H)

For indoor use only. Care instructions will be provided.


Surface light. Intended to be used in multiples.

Lead Time:
Estimated 2 months.

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Small, Medium, Large


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