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Completed after The Morphic Dresser, The Morphic Bed Side Tables further emphasize the core aesthetic and technical concepts and principles of the Morphic Collection and highlight the progression of the idea of a sculptural piece of functional furniture by extending the sculpture to all four sides, eliminating a “wall” side.

These bed side tables seek to challenge conventional thought regarding placement of furniture in a space and aim to eliminate the wall as a design restriction.  The Morphic Bed Side Tables are designed to be viewed from all four sides as a truly unique piece of sculptural, functional, furniture.


Each Morphic Bed Side Table is composed of four drawers which can be opened by pulling on any of the fins as they all act as drawer pulls.   The Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion drawer hardware allows the draws to open and close gently and quietly, extending a full 9″ when opened.


Baltic birch plywood


Four sided sculpture.  Hidden drawer pulls.  Blum Tandem plus Blumotion draw hardware.


Overall:  20” (L) 20” (W) 22” (H)

Top two drawers:  7 ½” (L) 10 ½” (W) 3 ¾” (H)

Bottom two Drawers: 7 ½” (L) 10 ½” (W) 6” (H)

For indoor use only.  Care instructions will be provided.


Bed side/end table

Options / Customizations:

Can be finished with any paint or stain color desired.

Lead Time:

Estimated 3 months


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