Philadelphia Furniture Show: 11 of the funkiest pieces you’ll see this weekend

You can check our furniture made from trash, rocks and totaled car parts.

The 23rd annual Philadelphia Furniture Show opened Friday with two people operating a gang saw in a traditional log-splitting ceremony, and things just got cooler from there.

All weekend, woodworkers, potters and other artisan craftspeople from around the country are showing off their most innovative work at the 23rd Street Armory between Market and Chestnut streets. According to Stefa Normantas of Green Tree Events, which owns the Furniture Show, every piece on display has a story. You’ll see a desk made of scraps from totaled cars, a table crafted out of fungi infected-maple and a couple pieces one craftsman made from material he found in dumpsters.

All of the items on display are for sale, and the artists, some of which are locally based, also do commissioned work.

Check out these 11 funky pieces we found during Friday’s preview.

David Rozek, owner and founder of Pandemic Design Studio in Philadelphia, designs pieces with functionality in mind. This lamp is part of his Industrial Evolution Collection.