David Rozek, owner of the Pandemic Studio, holds Summer Open House and Sale

1. Pandemic Design Studio in Bridgeport is the creation of founder and owner David Rozek and his products  are created, designed and executed with precision and detail from the initial concept to the finished product resulting in unusual timeless art. David’s pieces are in demand with architects, retailers, garden centers, and the general public, or anyone who wishes to make a design statement! On Friday, June 21, 2019 David Rozek held a summer opening and sale at his studio. David and Tessa Downs (center) paused for a photo with Louise and Brian Dusinberre and Art and Kate Hochner.

2. Veronica McLaughlin and Rosemary Campellone loved David’s Node Collection!

Lamps from ”Industrial Evolution Collection.”

3. Tessa Downs took Amir Tahvildaran on a tour of the studio during the open house!

4. Sarah Borowiec, Kelly Eaton, Victoria Smith and Mary Saring attended the event.

5. Ryan Ott discussed David Rozek’s unique products during the summer open house .

6. Wesley Reindel chatted with Cal Leighton during the summer open house.

An item from ‘The Node Collection”

7. Shannon Wolsky and P.J. DiMuzio shared a moment during the open house.

8. Attendees enjoyed beer, wine and other refreshments at the party! Ed McColly and Cheyne Rood chatted with Carli and Julie Miller.

9. David, Megan and Janie Partridge and Scott Higgins paused for a photo with David Rozek (center) at the summer open house.

10. Megan and Janie Partridge loved the newest addition to the Downs – Rozek family!