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Pandemic Design Studio

Philadelphia Epicenter

Pandemic Design Studio, launched and located in and around
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, is the brainchild of founder and
owner David Rozek and is a full-service retail and custom in-house
design build enterprise specializing in innovative, inspiring, and
unique functional art that makes a statement.

Our portfolio and capabilities are diverse- spread across many different
product categories, spanning many different collections, utilizing a
wide range of materials, and employing various manufacturing

When possible, materials used are reclaimed or repurposed, or most
importantly, manufactured regionally to promote a healthy and
prosperous home front that keeps the gears of our design machine

Innovation, idea expansion, and experimentation are characteristics
that are paramount to the success of the Pandemic Design Studio
vision, culture, products, and in our quest to expand our design
influence and promote our design ideology to new frontiers.

The products that leave the factory of Pandemic Design Studio are
rigorously designed and executed with Cadillac quality precision and
detail from the initial concept to the finished product resulting in
original, functional, and timeless art that conversation will center

Be sure to check out the existing arsenal that Pandemic Design Studio
offers and please check back often as fresh reinforcements in the form
of new projects are constantly being developed and deployed to the
front lines of every product category to aid in the expansion of our

Remember that custom projects that share our design ideology are always of interest to us.  Please contact the Ministry of Inquiry with any questions or comments and one of our agents will respond to you soon.

Most Recent Developments: