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Node Wall

Node Wall

When assembled together, The Node Collection creates a sculptural living wall. Because of the modular design, various color options, and five different sizes, end users and designers alike can mix and match to create a totally personal and custom arrangement of their own to fit in any space. The seemingly infinite arrangement combinations of the various sizes and colors keep this collection extremely fresh, vibrant, and full of new and exciting possibilities.


Ceramic, glaze



The Node Collection is currently offered in five different sizes, six different colors, and two different wall hanging options.  Each Node is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in all climates.

Sizes range from 3” to 15” squares by increments of 3”


Please refer to images.  Color options include:


Dinosaur Egg (off white with sporadic dark specs)


Glacier Blue

Pandemic Green

Moss (No two are the same.  Shino glaze, crazes and produces different but similar results)


Standard wall hanging option:

Each Node is made with a hanging hole and a drain hole on the back.  Simply hang The Node like you would a picture frame with a nail or screw.  The drain hole comes with a removable plug for end user watering flexibility.


Tile option upon request:

The back of each node is an unaltered plane of scored ceramic for easy integration into a tile wall.  There are no hanging holes and the drain hole is located discreetly on the bottom front of The Node.



3” x 3” square, 1 ¼” front protrusion – 30.00 USD plus shipping and tax

6” x 6” square, 2 ¼” front protrusion – 60.00 USD plus shipping and tax

9” x 9” square, 3 1/4” front protrusion – 120.00 USD plus shipping and tax

12” x 12” square, 4 3/8” front protrusion – 240.00 USD plus shipping and tax

15” x 15” square, 5 ½” front protrusion– 480.00 USD plus shipping and tax



Currently, we have no available inventory to fill online orders at this time as our trade and craft show schedule this Spring has depleted our stock.  What inventory we do have left will be sold at the Berkshire’s Arts festival in Great Barrington, MA July 1 -3 2017.  We apologize if this may cause any inconvenience.  Full production will be back under way in July so check back soon!  Feel free to place an order now so we can fill and ship your order first.

For questions please contact David at david@pandemicdesignstudio.com or call 440.785.2914
For orders please visit our Shop on the menu bar.