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Glow Worm


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Product Description

Though relatively simple in shape compared to its relatives, The Glow Worm exhibits two new documented evolutionary breakthroughs: orientation and variable length .  The Glowworm is the first discovered in The Industrial Evolution Collection to have evolved in such a way that it is capable of deciding which direction to display its light module.  Researchers are still unable to pinpoint exactly why it choses the orientation it does in different environments.


Galvanized steel pipe fittings (various sizes)

Vintage Edison Style T-9 Beacon tube bulb. Available lengths 12” and custom made 18”


3 wiring options:

It comes standard with a touch sensitive light control for three settings – low, medium, and high built in to the unit with a six foot black cord that can be plugged into an outlet. Simply touch any metal part of the lamp an it will illuminate.

The sconce can also be hard wired with the built in dimmer to a wall switch which would only control whether there was power or not. The touch dimmer would still be the way to cycle through the settings.

Another option is to disregard the built in touch dimmer and cord and hard wire it into an electrical system with a wall dimmer.

Sconces will fit comfortably on a commercially available electrical box.


Dimensions: H: 17” x W: 4.5“ x D: 5”

Weight: ~ 7 lbs. or ~ 112 oz.

Dimensions: H: 25” x W: 4.5“ x D: 5.5”

Weight: ~7.5 lbs. or ~ 120 oz.

For indoor or covered outdoor use only. Care instructions will be provided.




Polished Finish:

Retail – 850 USD

Factory Finish:

Retail – 800 USD

Polished Finish:

Retail – 1,350 USD

Factory Finish:

Retail – 1,300 USD

Lead Time:
Estimated 2 weeks.

If you are a retailer and interested in wholesale pricing please contact us.

Additional Information

Edison Bulb Size

12 Inch, 18 Inch


Polished, Factory

Nipple Finish

Raw Steel (Darker), Zinc Plated (Lighter)


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