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Westinghouse Fan

This is a restoration of a 1940’s vintage Westinghouse Lively Aire 10 LA. The restoration included a complete rewiring and thorough cleaning of the motor and the oscillator assembly. The original paint was completely stripped and repainted matte black. The fan blade and various knobs were chromed and the foil decal on the front was replicated with the original typeface.





Example only.  Not for sale.  Please see specifications.

Materials: Aluminum, steel, electrical components   Features: Oscillating fan, chromed blade   Specifications: Overall: 7” (L) 11” (W) 14” (H)   Lead Time: Estimated 1 month   Style: Desk / table fan   Price: NFS, appliance example only. Client or Pandemic Design Studio provides item to be restored. For this project typically, 500 USD plus cost of fan or parts if purchased by Pandemic Design Studio. A contract is required for this item.   Options / Customization’s: Can be refinished in any way desired with any color.

For questions please contact David at david@pandemicdesignstudio.com or call 440.785.2914
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