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Modeline Lamp

This is a restoration of a mid century modern floor lamp manufactured by the Californian company Modeline. The lamp structure is constructed entirely of wood in which plywood is bent around a wooden frame. It was originally painted white. After stripping the paint, it was discovered that the base was wormy elm and the veneer on the sides had a very appealing grain. The base and sides were stained and finished in order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood while the sides were painted matte black.



Example only.  Not for sale.  Please see specifications.


Plywood, wormy elm, glass globes, electrical components



3-way light switch



Overall: 10” (L) 16” (W) 58” (H)


Lead Time:

Estimated 1 month



Floor lamp



NFS, lighting example only. Client provides item to be restored. Pandemic Design Studio assesses condition and restoration cost. A contract is required for this item.


Options / Customization’s:

Can be refinished in any way desired.

For questions please contact David at david@pandemicdesignstudio.com or call 440.785.2914
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